Burglars Steal a Refrigerator, but Dump it on Central Rd Near Evergreen Ave

If you thought you saw a refrigerator on Central Road, you did. Arlington Heights police were following burglary suspects in a red Chevy Silverado pickup truck Monday morning when thieves dumped it or lost it while taking bumps at high speeds.

Arlington Heights police responded about 9:57 a.m. Monday to a report of a burglary in the 1600 block of North Highland Avenue. Police received a report from representatives of the bank that two male/black subjects had just fled from the house. The representatives of the bank were on the scene checking the house, when they heard voices and someone walking in the house. There was a confrontation and the two men told the bank representatives that they were working for the bank inside the house, which the bank representatives new were not true. Next, the two male/black subjects ran from the house. They jumped into a red pickup truck and cut across the lawn because two vehicles had the pickup truck blocked on the driveway. The witnesses saw the truck head east on Maude Avenue and then turn southbound on Arlington Heights Road.

Arlington Heights police were alerted to the vehicle as part of the original dispatch, and within a minute the vehicle was spotted by an alert Arlington Heights police officer on southbound Evergreen Avenue between Sigwalt Street and Park. The driver of the vehicle fled from police at a high rate of speed and hopped the curb in the cul-de-sac at Evergreen Avenue and Central Road. The police stopped the pursuit at the cul-de-sac and additional police set up a perimeter in the area. No word on police contact with the suspects or the vehicle.

The vehicle was described as a red Chevrolet Silverado (Michigan license plates: CE 741) with a male/black driver. The officer that was following the Silverado reported some type of aluminum enclosure in the back bed of the pickup truck, which turned out to be a refrigerator that was dumped on westbound Central Road between Evergreen Avenue and Dunton Avenue.
Only one occupant was observed inside the vehicle while it was followed by police. Either one of the subjects bailed somewhere before police observed the vehicle, or the second subject was too short to be seen on the other side of the headrest. The subjects were described as a male/black in his 40′s and a male/black teen.

Police are investigating the scene, the vehicle registration and other leads. More pictures on The Cardinal -- Arlingtoncardinal.com Residential Burglary on North Highland Ave; Offenders Dump Stolen Refrigerator from Red Silverado Pickup Truck on Central Rd ...