Quick Search And Foot Pursuit Results In Arrest Near Cottington Dr, Springinsguth Rd, Bode Rd, Schaumburg

Schaumburg police responded about 4:11 AM Thursday to a family problem in the 1300 block of Yartmouth Court. Police received a report that a male/white suspect fled the scene. An alert Schaumburg police officer spotted the suspect's truck driving northbound near Springinsguth Road and Colwyn Drive. The suspect turned left at Cottington Drive, and proceeded about 20 mph. The suspect bailed out of his vehicle into the park just north of Cottington, and ran toward Springinsguth Road and Bode Road.

The suspect, wearing all black, was in custody after running in between houses and backyards off of Cottington Drive. The suspect was in custody by about 4:25 a.m.

The suspect was arrested for DUI and possibly other charges.

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