Indecent Exposure At The Drive Thru At Taco Bell On Northwest Highway, Palatine

Palatine police responded about 6:22 PM Tuesday indecent exposure at Taco Bell, 320 North Northwest Highway Palatine, IL Police received a report that a male subject pulled up through the Drive Thru with his genitals exposed. He did the same thing the week before.

The male subject was driving a gray Acura sedan.

What was he thinking?

Taco Bell slogans over the years ...

Current - "Live Más" (With the introduction of the Cantina Bell menu)
Mid 2001 - 2012 - "Think outside the bun"
Early 2001 - mid 2001 - "Get it at The Bell."
1999 - 2001 - "Grande taste. Loco value."
Late 1990s - "Spice Up The Night" (For Taco Bell's late night day part)
Mid 1990s - "Make A Run For The Border"
Late 1980s - early 1990s - "Hello Taco Bell"
1987-late 1980s - "The Cure For The Common Meal"
Early 1980s - mid-1980s - "All of The Above"
Late 1970s - "Just Made For You"

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