Village Of Arlington Heights Update: Flooding Studies Underway

7:33 AM Tuesday ENTER ADDRESS Following the July 23, 2011 flooding event the Village Board approved three separate engineering studies to investigate solutions for the issues that residents experienced.

The first study done by RJN consultants was completed in Spring of 2012 and consisted of flow monitoring of the Village's combined sewer system to determine how the system functioned during wet weather conditions. The Spring of 2012 was the earliest time following the storm of July 23, 2011 that flow monitoring could be performed with an expectation of capturing some significant rainfall events.

Unfortunately, this past Spring was the beginning of a lengthy drought and although no heavy flow events occurred, the data that was collected can be used in the next study which includes modeling of the combined system to develop improvements and cost estimates that will improve the system's ability to handle heavy rain events. Staff received four proposals for this second study in the combined sewer area. Staff is presently interviewing the firms to further clarify their proposals, scope of work, and pricing. It is expected that a recommendation on this project will be made to the Village Board sometime in May, 2013.

A third study was initiated several months ago with Christopher Burke Engineering to study several spots in our separate sewer areas that experienced overland flooding problems on July 23, 2011.This study is nearing the draft report stage and should be ready for presentation later this summer.

If you have any questions about these studies please contact Scott Shirley, Director of Public Works at 847-368-5800 or Jim Massarelli, Director of Engineering at 847-368-5250.

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