Arlington Heights Government Transparency: Village Board Agendas, E-Packets, Live Streaming Of Meetings Begins May 6, 2013

In its ongoing effort to inform citizens, the Village is launching a new web-based Village Board Agenda program that will enable the public to view Village Board Agendas with packet materials, as well as watch live streaming and on-demand videos of all Village Board meetings. The availability of packet materials and live streaming begins with the meeting of May 6, 2013.

The easiest way to access the Agenda packets and live streaming of meetings is by clicking on the banner button featured on the top right of the Home Page that reads, "Village Board Agenda E-Packets & Video. Village Board Agendas will be posted late on the Friday afternoon prior to a Monday Village Board meeting. Because of the change to the new online program, residents who signed up for "e-alerts" regarding the posting of Village Board Agendas will no longer receive those alerts.

Once on the web page featuring the online Agenda and packet materials, people can click on the link to the Village Board Agenda, which is represented by an icon placed under the column labeled HTML. The Agenda is hyperlinked, so users can move directly to background materials pertaining to specific Agenda items. Background material from the Village Board packets has not been provided online in the past.

The public also has an opportunity to watch the live streaming of a Village Board meeting by clicking on the live streaming link found on the Village Board Agenda & Minutes page or on the Village Board Online Meetings This website page will feature the meeting video along with the Village Board Agenda.Directions of how to use these new online tools are included on the web pages featuring the online Village Board Agenda and live streaming of the Board meetings. Directions will be updated as needed.

How to navigate to the new electronic features:
Click on the banner button at the top right of the Home Page.

Or click on Village Board & Agendas page to find Village Board Agendas, packet materials and minutes. This web page is found under the Government navigation tab on the top of the website.

Or click on Village Board Online Meetings page to view the live streaming of Village Board meetings.

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