Arlington Heights Police Department Officer Russell Mandel; "Crime Stopper Of The Year" Award

To help promote public awareness of the Arlington Heights Crime Stoppers Program and to recognize Arlington Heights Police Department personnel for exceptional "crime fighting" efforts, Arlington Heights Crime Stoppers and the Arlington Heights Police Department are proud to announce this year's recipient of the 2012 "Crime Stopper of the Year Award." This award is presented each year to a selected member of the Arlington Heights Police Department who has made a recognizable contribution to the community's crime fighting efforts through a significant arrest or the suppression of criminal activity. Nominations for the award may be based on a single incident or combination of enforcement endeavors and may be made by any member of the Department. Selection for the award is based on a majority vote of Department supervisory staff. The recipient of the 2012 "Crime Stopper of the Year Award" is Officer Russell Mandel. Crime Stoppers will present him with a $500.00 award at a luncheon on Thursday, May 16, 2013, in the Arbor Ballroom at the Double Tree Hotel Chicago • Arlington Heights.

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Crime Stopper of the Year Award, Arlington Heights Police Department