Nch Sports Medicine Experts Perform Free Injury Screenings; Call Ahead For Appointment

11:15 PM Wednesday ENTER ADDRESS. The cooler weather often motivates people to re-establish an exercise schedule, to connect with friends for recreational weekend activities, or to start training for fall sports leagues. However, shortly after lacing up those jogging shoes, taking some practice shots, or tossing a few balls, a sharp muscle pain, "click" of the shoulder, or "pop" in the knee suddenly returns. It's a disappointing reminder of the nagging injury that just won't go away.

The good news is you don't have to be sidelined trying to figure out how to fix that bothersome injury on your own. Northwest Community Healthcare (NCH) is hosting a free Sports Injury Clinic for anyone seeking expert advice about a sports-related injury or sports performance concern. The clinic will be held Wednesday, September 25, from 4 to 7 p.m. at the NCH Wellness Center at 900 W. Central Road in Arlington Heights.

At the clinic, NCH's team of expert physical therapists will take a brief history and perform a physical screening to identify what may be limiting an athlete's physical activity.

Attendees are given documented recommendations for follow-up care and encouraged to share findings of the screening assessment with their physician.

The Sports Injury Clinic is just one component of NCH's comprehensive Sports Medicine Program. If the need for a formalized rehabilitation plan arises, these specially trained experts can help athletes age 14 and older return to activity quickly and safely. The goal is to build an athlete's speed, agility, strength and/or endurance.

To reserve a time for a free screening assessment at NCH's Sports Injury Clinic, call 847.618.3575. Appointments are limited. For more information about the Sports Medicine Program and other physical rehabilitation services at NCH, visit

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