Oops, Extra Credit Science Project Brings Emergency Bomb Squad Response To Prospect High School, Mount Prospect

Concerned parents received an email that Prospect High School was under a soft lockdown this morning, but the email didn't say anything about what caused the precaution of putting the school under soft lock down.

Early this morning, a suspicious device was discovered outside on the east side of Prospect High School's campus. As a precaution, Prospect High School initiated a soft lockdown and contacted the Mount Prospect Police Department. Based on the initial assessment of the device, the Mount Prospect Police requested the Cook County Sheriff's Office Bomb Squad respond to the scene. The Cook County Bomb Squad rendered the suspicious device safe and later determined the item posed no threat.

Law enforcement officials later determined the device was part of a classroom extra-credit science experiment after Mount Prospect Police officers located a second device in a vehicle in the school parking lot. The second device provided key indicators it did not pose a threat to the school community or the students. An interview with the owner of the car revealed the item to be an extra credit assignment. Based on the makeup of the second device, law enforcement officials determined it posed no threat to students or staff.

The police department and high school's response followed established protocols designed to ensure the safety of the students and staff. Law enforcement and administrators from District 214 coordinated the response to this incident with the safety and security of the students as the primary concerns.

Arlington Heights police provided mutual aid assistance to Mount Prospect Police Department. The soft lock down was canceled by 11:00 a.m.

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