Small Fire At Paddock At Arlington International Racecourse, Arlington Heights

Arlington Heights police and firefighter/paramedics responded about 12:30 AM Saturday to a small fire at Arlington International Racecourse, 2200 West Euclid Avenue Arlington Heights, IL. Police and firefighter/paramedics responded to a small fire in level three of the Paddock at Arlington International Racecourse (formerly known as Arlington Park).

An activated sprinkler system extinguished the small fire. The main work of firefighters was ventilating the large building area of the Paddock (Level 3). The fire was not on the third floor. It was at an area known as "The Paddock Level 3."

Firefighter/paramedics worked to make sure the fire was extinguished, and shut down the sprinkler system.

The fire was likely automatically reported by the activated sprinkler system detecting flowing water and/or smoke sensors. There is no confirmation yet, whether personnel on scene also reported the fire. Personnel are on scene around the clock.

First crews on the scene called for a Code 4 (Working Fire Response) when they realized they needed extra crews for ventilation of smoke out of the building.

Rolling Meadows responded automatic aid with a fire engine while Arlington Heights had three fire engines, a tower ladder truck, a rescue squad and two ambulances on the scene. Prospect Heights firefighter/paramedics moved a fire engine to Arlington Heights Fire Station Two to cover Arlington Heights while firefighting crews were working at Arlington International Racecourse.

Damage is apparently minor, and not likely to cause any interruption at Arlington International Racecourse.

There were no reports of any injuries, and no report of any harm to any horses. Several passers by noticed the large amount of firefighting equipment at the race track property.

As of 9:00 a.m. Saturday there is no mention of the small fire on official Twitter or Facebook accounts at Arlington International.

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