Ahpd Scam Alert: Identity Thieves, Phishers, Scammers Posing As Computer Anti-Virus Technicians

ARLINGTON HEIGHTS POLICE DEPARTMENT SCAM ALERT / BEWARE: You may receive a telephone call from a subject claiming to work for Microsoft, Geek Squad or some other nationally recognized tech company. They will claim they scanned your computer remotely and found viruses. We all fear viruses, data loss and identity theft, but the offender will play on those fears and offer to eliminate them for a small fee. All you will need to do is surrender your bank account information and give them actual access to your computer. THIS IS A SCAM!

If you give them access to your computer they will often show you a scary looking error message on the machine. They will ask for immediate payment to clean up the system. You may also agree to have more protection software installed. Most likely the updates will be bits of malware to capture your online shopping or banking information. THIS IS A SCAM!

Legitimate computer companies will NEVER scan your computer without your permission. They will not call you unless you they are already working on a legitimate support issue.


WHEN IN DOUBT, hang up the phone and call the company back at their publicly listed telephone number. You can usually find contact information on their web site.

NEVER provide a credit card or banking account information to someone on a cold call - even if they claim to be from a computer support company.

NEVER give remote access to your computer to any technician unless they can confirm they area a legitimate member of a computer support company with which you have an existing support agreement.

Anyone having any information regarding this incident can contact the Arlington Heights Police Department 847/368-5300. If you want to remain anonymous call Arlington Heights Crime Stoppers 847/590-STOP (7867).

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