Late Leaf Falling: Village Of Arlington Heights Yardwaste Collection Extended To December 2 & 3, 2013

Due to late-falling leaves, GROOT, the Village of Arlington Heights' service provider, has extended the deadline for yardwaste collection to Monday, December 2 for residents living north of Oakton and to Tuesday, December 3 for residents living south of Oakton.

Any remaining bags of yardwaste, bundles of branches or Christmas trees can be placed at the curb for pick-up during regular landscape collection days from January 6-14. Yardwaste stickers must be used for bags of leaves and yardwaste materials. No sticker is required for Christmas trees that are placed at the curb for pickup.

Autumn's changing colors are linked to cooling temperatures, decreasing sunlight and soil moisture. There is no proven link regarding fall foliage and climate change, but it has been discussed.

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