Sharonda Booth, James Harris Charged With Continuing A Financial Crimes Enterprise Related To Meds Theft From Pharmacies In Arlington Heights And South Barrington

Shronda Booth, 47, of the 9600 block of South Forest Avenue, Chicago is charged with continuing a financial crimes enterprise associated with the accusation of stealing $3,600 worth of medication from pharmacies in Arlington Heights and South Barrington.

James Harris, 42, of the 7400 block of South Evans Street, Chicago was ordered held on $75,000 Wednesday by Cook County Judge Jill Cerone Marisie, and is also charged, like booth, with stealing over-the-counter medications from various Walgreens and CVS stores since September. Allegedly their operation attempted to resell the medications. Harris has a criminal history that includes a 1993 murder conviction.

Continuing a financial crimes enterprise, a class 1 felony punishable by four to 15 years in prison. The defendants' criminal histories could make them eligible for extended terms if they are found guilty.

Next court date for both suspects is December 3, 2013 at Cook County Circuit Court Rolling Meadows.

Sharonda Booth Criminal History:
retail theft and drug possession conviction ranging from 1994 to 2011

James Harris Criminal History:
(ON PAROL with six month left)
Murder sentence (25 years) in 1993
Possession of controlled substance in 2007
Possession of stolen motor vehicle

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