St. Viator High School In Early Planning Stages To Replace Cafeteria With Dining Area/Wi-Fi Internet Cafe

St. Viator High School is in the early stages of planning for a $7-8 million state-of-the-art cafeteria for the private high school at 1016 East Oakton 1213 East Oakton Street.

Planners hope to approved the cafeteria plans by early 2014, and finish construction by 2015.

The cafeteria would be similar to a college dining area complete with an Internet cafe and Wi-Fi.

The plans still have to meet approval of the Village Plan Commission and the Village Board. The old cafeteria has a grease trap that needs to be moved outside.

The new dining room would be used to holsd awards banquets, and would allow more students to eat lunch in three shifts, instead of the current four lunch periods.

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