Man Approaches Woman Implying He Has Weapon To Coerce Woman Into Her Car at Walgreens, Palatine

Palatine police responded about 7:00 PM Wednesday to a report of a man acting in a threatening manner and a committing a battery at Walgreens, 805 West Euclid Avenue Palatine, IL. Police received a report that a man approached a woman and physically contacted the woman after demanding that she get in her vehicle. The woman was merely loading packages in her car when the interaction occurred.

The man had his hands in his pockets, implied that he had a weapon, and had a scarf covering his face, as he told the female victim to get in her car. When the victim refused, the man pressed his upper body against her. The woman screamed, which attracted the attention of bystanders. The man retreated while telling the victim the episode was all a joke. The crime is apparently being classified as a battery and disorderly conduct, and not attempted robbery or attempted kidnapping at this time.

The offender, described as a male/white subject, 5'5" to 5'7" age 20-30, was wearing a black skullcap, tan jacket, scarf, and construction boots.

The offender was last seen walking southbound on the east side of the store. The store, located at the southwest corner of Euclid Avenue and Quentin Road is surrounded by residential neighborhoods and another shopping center.

Police urge any citizens with information regarding the incident to call Palatine Police Department at 847-359-9000 or 9-1-1.

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