The Grandparents Scam: 82-Year-Old Victim Suffers $5,000 Loss By Offender Claiming To Lawyer After Her Grandson

SCAM ALERT: The 82yr old female victim received a telephone call from a subject claiming to be her grandson. The offender told her he needed money because he was involved in an accident in Florida where the unborn child of the other driver was killed. A second subject claiming to be the lawyer of the other driver told the victim if she wired funds the charges would be dropped. The person pretending to be the lawyer instructed the victim to wire the funds through Western Union to Bonao, Dominican Republic because of the tax breaks.

The victim sent two wires on Friday, December 6, 2013 and two wires on Saturday, December 7, 2013 for a total loss of over $5,000. She then called her daughter and realized she was scammed.

Anyone receiving these calls should do the following:

-Obtain as much information as possible about the call and caller.

-Call family members and verify that they are home and were not involved in an accident.

-Do not send money.

-If you have already received a call and have sent money, report the incident to the police department.

These calls are a scam. The caller uses the shocking story and the victim's emotions to get them to let their guard down. The scam even as a name -- The Grandmother scam, or The Grandparents scam.

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