Arlington Heights Police Officer Michael Mcevoy Released From Advocate Lutheran General Hospital With Continued Gunshot Wound Recovery Ahead

Arlington Heights Police Officer Michael McEvoy was recently released from Advocate Lutheran General Hospital, where he as been hospitalized for injuries suffered from a gunshot wound.

McEvoy's medical condition has improved to a point where he has been released from the hospital, and is continuing his road to recovery at a private location. It is anticipated after a lengthy rehabilitation program, Officer McEvoy will make a full recovery from the injuries he sustained in this incident.

On December 12th, at 6:52 PM Arlington Heights Police Officers responded to 1917 Windham Ct. for a report of a man with a gun. Officer Michael McEvoy who was the first officer on the scene was confronted by Eric M.Anderson and shot in the face.

Officer McEvoy was initially transported to Lutheran General Hospital where he remained in the surgical intensive care unit for several weeks.

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