Arlington Heights Garden Club: "Garden To Wilderness" Presentation By Stephen Packard


Prairies. Wetlands. Oak savannas. Northern Illinois boasts a variety of native ecosystems that are both fascinating and beautiful. From migrant birds to endangered prairie orchids, Stephen Packard presents glimpses of these ecosystems and their many rare treasures. Using elements of horticulture, science, and conservation adventure, Stephen offers insights and guidance on the emerging field of habitat restoration. Home gardeners, restoration volunteers and citizen scientists will learn techniques and models for restoring biodiversity and natural beauty to our yards and landscapes.

In 1975, Stephen Packard began experimenting with rare wild plants in friends' yards. Through trial and error, triumph and tragedy, he proceeded to learn the secrets of restoring balanced ecosystems, including writing the book on the subject. Since those early experiments, his restoration resume includes thousands of acres of now-rare animals and plants in various settings: prairies, savannas, and woodlands to his own yard, once he finally got one! Stephen's journey spans science, beauty and the human spirit.

Stephen Packard is the founding director of Audubon Chicago Region and one of the most highly respected nature advocates in the area.

The Arlington Heights Garden Club Meeting is Monday, February 17 at the Arlington Heights Memorial Library at 8:00 p.m. The presentation titled "From Garden to Wilderness" will be presented by Stephen Packard. The contact with any questions is: Diane at diane@rightinmyownbackyard.

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