New Building And Configuration Approved For Arlington Heights Mcdonald's Across From Buffalo Grove High School On Dundee Rd

If all goes well a new McDonald's building with an improved look, more efficient design, and safer design will be up by the beginning of the 2014-2015 school year in the Fall at 15 East Dundee in Arlington Heights.

The new McDonald's building will consist of the new brand image architecture from McDonald's corporation.

The building will consist of a a brick facade and an arcade wall with a tile material that contrasts the primary brick field around windows and doors.

The building will have a full wrap mechanical screening facility of corrugated metal which coordinates with the trellis on the drive-thru side (east side). The building will also have a decorative tower on the east side near the drive-thru side entrance.

There is a pay window, a fast-forward window, and a delivery window on the drive-thru side.

The new building will also be constructed closer to the west side of the property with a wide sidewalk that helps prevent students and pedestrians from walking near the inbound drive-thru area.

There will be a side-by-side order system with two vehicles able to order at the same time, and then merge into the drive for the pickup windows. The length of the vehicle cue is determined with studies to be about 62 percent smaller with the modern side-by-side drive-thru configuration.

Drive-thru traffic has grown from about 30-40 percent to about 80 percent currently.

No zoning variations were needed for parking.

The landscaping design is being worked to prevent youths from being able to congregate and prevent youths from hiding from police patrols in area. Input was received from the Arlington Heights Police Department regarding security issues. Video monitoring was also discussed as an option to remedy any landscaping issues that might facilitate undesirable congregating at the restaurant.

There is no outdoor seating planned at this location.

Delivery trucks will offload on the west side of the building, and will block the inner lane of the drive-thru during offloading.

Construction will hopefully begin in May 2014 and be completed by the beginning of high school in late August or September 2014.

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