Arlington Heights Police Monitor Home Burglaries In Neighborhood, Provide Prevention Tips

Arlington Heights police have responded to three burglaries in the past four months in the Scarsdale and Scarsdale Estates neighborhoods. No determination has been made if the burglaries are related, and no arrests have been made.

In these burglaries, an unknown suspect(s) entered a home in December through an unlocked rear back door; entered into a home in February by breaking a window (the security alarm was not turned on at the time of the incident); and entered a home in March by forcing open the back door. The burglaries each took place between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. and jewelry was taken from each location. Police have increased patrols in the area and have shared "Community Alert" information with residents to make them aware of steps that can be taken to keep their homes secure, and to be on alert of activities around their neighborhood.

Some interesting facts regarding burglaries are that 63 percent occur during the daylight hours and the most common entry into a home is through the front door. According to FBI statistics, the average loss is $2,091 per offense.

To help prevent your residence from being burglarized, consider these following tips:

Use exterior lighting: Automatic sensor lighting in front and motion detection lighting in back.

Use solid core exterior doors with double key deadbolt locks.

If a window is close to the door - keep the key a safe distance away.

Install a door viewer if the door is solid.

Sliding glass doors should have a burglar bar in the track.

Landscaping – bushes should be 3'or lower and trees should be trimmed 6' up.

Make sure alarm system is functioning properly.

Have several electronic devices on timers: lights, radio, television, etc.

Have a neighbor or friend collect your mail or newspapers.

Tell a trusted neighbor that you will be away so they can watch for suspicious activity.

In winter have your driveway shoveled.

For additional information on crime prevention or other community service programs, call Crime Prevention Officer Brandi Romag at 847-368-5330 or email her at If you have any suspect information you believe is related to these incidents, please contact the Criminal Investigation Bureau at 847-368-5348.

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