Gregory Athnos Speaks On Art Of The Roman Catacombs; Centrality Of The Resurrection At Christian Liberty Academy

Gregory Athnos, Professor Emeritus of North Park University, will be speaking on the centrality of the resurrection in the New Testament at Christian Liberty Academy tonight at 6:00 pm.

Prof. Athnos also will be sharing related to this topic the art found in the Roman Catacombs. He is one of the leading experts in the world on this subject. What did the early Christians have as their focus as reflected in the art of the catacombs? The answer will surprise you.

Prof. Athnos has spoken at the Moody Church. The audience finds his presentation helpful and interesting in preparation for Resurrection Sunday on April 20.

Greg has been studying the Art of the Roman Catacombs since 1974, working in the Archives of the Catacombs in Rome with permission granted by the former director of the Vatican Museum, Professor Josi, a leading expert on Early Christian Art.

What began as a casual study project turned into a powerful life commitment as a result of what he witnessed in those burial chambers of the persecuted Christians in Rome. His studies have led to the creation of a series of illustrated lectures not only on the art found in those underground tunnels, but more significantly on the theology of 'resurrection' so vividly portrayed countless times in those chambers over the first three centuries of the Christian Era. Greg has recently completed a manuscript entitled, "The Easter Jesus and the Good Friday Church: The Centrality of the Resurrection in the New Testament"

Where: Christian Liberty Academy in the Church Sanctuary, Entrance on Ridge Avenue across from Olympic Park Pool.
When: Sunday, April 13, 2014, 6:00-8:30 p.m.

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