Suspicious Incident Stonegate Neighborhood: Man In Tree Taking Pictures Of Homes On Carlyle Pl South Of Chatham Pl, Arlington Heights

Arlington Heights police received a report about 9:50 AM Friday of a supicious incident in the Stonegate neighborhood in the block of 300 S Carlyle Pl Arlington Heights, IL. Police received a report that a suspicious male climbed a tree and was taking pictures of a house or houses on Carlyle Place just south of Chatham Place.

On the east side of the small triangle park bordered by Derbyshire Avenue, Chatham Place and Carlyle Place; the male was up about 15 feet into the tree and mostly hidden. A resident saw the flash of a camera with the camera aimed at a house or houses on the east side of Carlyle Place.

A friend of the resident approached the male, as the male subject got out of the tree.

The subject said his name was Mark and mentioned that he liked the architecture of the old houses in the neighborhood. No harsh words were exchanged and both the suspicious subject and the friend of the neighbor left the area.

The subject was described as a male/black, 5'10" about 160 LBS with dark hair, wearing a green T-shirt with an open shirt or jacket over the T-shirt, and jeans. The subject was last seen walking northwest toward the alley between Derbyshire and Northwest Highway near Chatham Place.

A police report was filed in case the subject was using photographs to study the neighborhood and homes for himself or a third party burglar. The police report was also filed in case the information could be useful for any ongoing burglary investigations, or in case police could adjust neighborhood patrols accordingly.

The suspicious incident is reported to have occurred about 8:00 p.m. Thursday, April 10, 2014.

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