Update On Theft By Deception Case At Jewel-Osco Parking Lot On East Rand Rd, Arlington Heights

Arlington Heights police have updated information on a previous case reported last March 2014. Previously police reported that a victim was approached by a disheveled-looking female about 50-years-old who scammed an 88-year-old woman into giving up $10,000 cash.

Police have updated information and now report that two females approached the 88-year-old victim after she finished grocery shopping at Jewel-Osco, 440 East Rand Road.

The two females engaged a conversation with the victim about a found wallet, and then persuaded the victim to withdraw $12,000 from her personal checking account and give the money to the two women.

Subject #1 was described as a female/white in her 60s, 5'6", medium build with short black hair, who referred to herself as "Rachel".

Subject #2 was described as a female/white in her 60s, 5'5" heavy set with a quarter-size wound above her right eye, who referred to herself as "Susan".

No video surveillance images or vehicle information is available.

The crime is reported to have occurred

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