Arlington Heights Solicits Input With Survey For 5-Year Consolidated Plan

The Village of Arlington Heights is conducting a community survey concerning community and economic development, public facility, and social service needs and programs in the Village.

Responses will be used in the development of the Village's 5-year Consolidated Plan which explains how the Village will use its allocation of Federal Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds for Federal fiscal years 2015 - 2019.

The survey allows you to rank public infrastructure improvement needs, economic development needs

Infrastructure Priorities Ranked ...

Street and light improvements

Sidewalk and pedestrian improvements

Drainage/Flooding Issues

Neighborhood Safety

Public Transportation

Tree Replacement on public property

Accessibility Improvements

Parks, Bikes Trails, Recreational Facilities

Economic Priorities Ranked ...
Small Business Promotion/Assistance

Job Training Programs

Job Creation in the Village

Informational Business Workshops

Attracting New Businesses

Developing Vacant Sites/Redeveloping

Underutilized Sites

Social Service Priorities Ranked ...
Youth Programs

Family Support

Child Care

Fair Housing

Senior Services

Health Services

Cultural Services

Historic Preservation

Mental Health Care

Handicapped Services


Substance Abuse Programs


Services for Neglected/Abused Children

Food Pantries

Veterans' Assistance

Language Barrier/Literacy Programs

Housing Service Priorities Ranked ...

Home Rehabilitation Assistance for Homeowners

Rehabilitation of Apartment Buildings

First-Time Home Buyer Assistance

Housing for the Disabled

Senior Housing

Affordable Homes for Purchase

Affordable Rental Housing

Fair Housing Services

Lead-Based Paint Testing/Abatement

Historic Preservation

Energy Efficiency Improvements

Foreclosure Prevention & Assistance

Handyman Program for Seniors

Housing Counseling

Emergency/Transitional Housing Programs

Special Needs Housing Priorities Ranked ...

Accessible Housing and Services for Persons with Disabilities

Domestic Violence Centers

Homeless Shelters/Services

Transitional & Permanent Housing for the Homeless

Services for Persons at Risk of Homelessness

HIV/AIDS Centers & Services

To participate in this survey, click here:

Village of Arlington Heights 5-Year Consolidated Plan Survey.

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