Man Drives Car Into Midway Area Of Ferris Wheel On Douglas Ave At Frontier Days Festival, No Injuries, Arlington Heights

Arlington Heights police responded about 10:18 PM Thursday to a disturbance near the ferris wheel in the Midway at Frontier Days 500 East Miner Street Arlington Heights, IL. Police noticed something was wrong in the Frontier Days Midway near the Ferris Wheel. Police stopped the vehicle, which entered near Kensington Road and Northwest Highway and traveled north on Douglas Avenue near the location of the Ferris Wheel.

No injuries were reported.

The male driver was apparently confused. He was not arrest or charged with any traffic citations because there were no DO NOT ENTER signs prohibiting travel to the north.

The driver's son was in the area and arrived to help his father. Police asked the driver if he could driver his father home, but the son was concerned because he had a few beers at the beer tent. Police administered a portable breathalyzer test, and told him not to drive. Fortunately, the son had a friend who was able to drive father and son home.

There was only one small barricade in the area with a notice that backpacks and commercial products may be inspected, and that no guns are allowed in the park.

Festival officials were immediately working on more significant barricades at northbound Douglas from Kensington Road/Northwest Highway.

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