Cold Weather Takes Toll On Harry's Of Arlington And Downtown Arlington Heights Streets This Weekend, Arlington Heights

Arlington Heights Public Works responded about 6:30 PM Saturday to a water main break at Dunton Avenue and Sigwalts Street Arlington Heights, IL. Water flooded the intersection of Sigwalt Street and Dunton Avenue, along Dunton Avenue north of Sigwalt Street, and the Evergreen Center shopping center just east of Dunton Avenue and north of Sigwalt Street.

The large area of the ground at the northwest corner of Dunton Avenue and Sigwalt Street was torn up to repair the 10-inch water main break. A section of streets was temporarily blocked while the frozen water flow obstructed traffic. Some sidewalks are still blocked in the area.

Air temperature ranged from 3°F to -2°F while public works crews worked to repair the water main break. The wind chill was as low as -8°F.

The cold weather also took its toll on Harry's of Arlington at 1 North Vail Avenue at the northeast corner of Vail Avenue and Campbell Street. Apparently frozen and burst pipes caused water damage, which caused the restaurant to close for the weekend. While ServiceMaster was working with tall ladders and salvage supplies inside the restaurant, a sign posted on the front door stated Harry's would be closed for the next few days due to water damage.

Harry's is normally open 11:30 a.m. to midnight on Saturdays, and 11:30 a.m. to midnight on Sundays.

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