Armed with a Screwdriver, Man Robs Woman in Buffalo Creek Forest Preserve Adjacent Arlington Heights, Buffalo Grove

Lake County Forest Preserve Ranger Police 8:15 AM Friday to a report of an armed robbery at Buffalo Creek Forest Preserve Forest Preserve. Lake County Forest Preserve Ranger Police received a report that an armed robber stole a cellphone from a female jogger Friday morning in the Buffalo Grove Forest Preserve.

The offender grabbed her arm, threatened her with a screwdriver and took her phone before running toward Checker Road.

The jogger was not injured. Her cellphone was later located a short distance from the scene of the attack, police said.

The offender was described as a male/Hispanic man, age 25-35 years-old, with a short and heavyset build.

Lake County Forest Preserve Ranger Police did not specify the exact location of the attack -- whether it occurred on the east side or the west side of the forest preserve, for example. Lake County Forest Preserve Ranger Police also did not specify whether the local police jurisdictions of Arlington Heights Police Department, Buffalo Grove Police Department or Cook County Sheriff's Police Department were notified. Those three agencies use secret encrypted police radios, which cannot be monitored by neighborhood watch groups or the news media.

While the incident occurred early Friday morning, information about the crime was not released to the public until Friday night.

The attack occurred almost one week after an attempted sexual assault of a female victim in Busse Woods last Sunday evening. On March 29, about 6:40 p.m. a female jogger fought off an offender with Mace or pepper spray, according to the victim's report to police. The offender descriptions do not match.

Citizens with information about the robbery are encouraged to contact Lake County Forest Preserve Police at 847-968-3405; or call 9-1-1.

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