Escaped Convicted Murderer Kamron Taylor Caught by Chicago Police Near South Stoney Ave Late Friday

Convicted murderer Kamron Taylor, who escaped from a Kankakee County detention center Wednesday, has been taken into police custody.

The Kankakee County sheriff's office announced at 12:31 a.m. that Kamron T. Taylor was taken back into custody.

Taylor was apprehended in Chicago late Friday night. CPD 4th district officers were on patrol about 9 p.m. Friday when they received a call reporting a suspicious person in the block of 9200 South Stony Island Avenue. Taylor fled on foot when the police officers approached, but was quickly apprehended with no injuries reported. He was found to possess a handgun when he was searched.

Taylor was extradited to Kankakee County Sheriff's Department

On Wednesday about 3:00 a.m., Taylor, age 23, overpowered a correctional officer at the Jerome Combs Detention Center in Kankakee County and took the correctional officer's keys, uniform and vehicle, according to the Kankakee County sheriff's department. The guard was knocked unconscious during the escape.

Taylor left the jail in the stolen SUV, which was later located by police nearby later Wednesday morning.

Authorities had increased the reward to $25,000 for information leading to Taylor's arrest.

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