Widespread Power Outage in Washington DC Caused by Small Explosion in Power Equipment in Southern Maryland

Widespread power outages hit the Washington, D.C. area on Tuesday, affecting government buildings and privately-owned buildings. Public transit rail system in Washington DC was also intermittently early afternoon.

The power outage in the Washington area was caused by a small explosion at a power transfer line in southern Maryland, according to a U.S. official.

Police and fire officials were responded to the Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative's Ryceville power substation after a small explosion at a power transfer line, which appears to be the cause of the D.C. outage, according to Charles County Sheriff spokeswoman Diane Richardson

Pepco is the city's major electric utility. The outage map for Pepco showed over 1,000 customers were without power in the immediate area of the White House and the United States Capitol just east of the Potamic River and extending to Lincoln Park at 13th Street NE.

State Department employees and reporters experienced an interruption of power at the State Department building.

The power went out during the daily State Department briefing, with Deputy Spokesperson Marie Harf.

The Department of Homeland Security is closely monitoring the ongoing power outage.

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