Man Attacks Dallas Police Headquarters with Automatic Weapon Gunfire, Believed to Be Dead After Chase to Jack in the Box in Hutchins, Texas

A suspect began shooting at Dallas Police Headquarters with automatic weapons about 12:30 a.m. CDT. Initially police thought up to four offenders were assaulting police headquarters, but police Saturday morning believe that only one suspect was directly involved.

Police returned fire and the suspect got into a vehicle described by witnesses as an armored van, which rammed a patrol car and then fled the scene. Police pursued the van to the parking lot of a Jack In The Box in Hutchins, about 12 miles south of Dallas, where they later "disabled" the van.

Several suspicious bags, at least one that exploded while an Explosive Ordinance Robot attempted removal, were discovered near police headquarters.

Police were attempting to negotiate via cellphone with the suspect at the Jack in the Box property, but the suspect is reported to likely be dead from a gunshot wound Saturday morning.

The suspect is believed to be ..

James Boulware
White Male
5'10" 200 LBS
Police have not authenticated the suspect's name

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