Dryden Place Neighborhood Near Kensington Rd Showing Warning Signs of Developing Urban Decay

The Village of Arlington Heights has a good record of regulating excellent properties in the village limits. That's why it is surprising that properties along Dryden Place just north of Northwest Highway and especially north of Kensington Road appear to show signs of neglect and lack of inspection.

After two drug-related rescue paramedic calls and a shots-fired call within a week, it is time that residents and village officials work together to turn around what appears to be a neighborhood showing warning signs of a serious decline near good neighborhoods in Arlington Heights.

A quick look at the property north of Kensington Road -- Marketview Apartments commonly called Dryden Place apartments -- shows driveways and a parking lot affected by deep potholes. Many of the potholes are deeper than six inches -- capable of breaking an ankle and wrecking vehicle suspension systems.

Mansard roofing appears in disrepair, and garbage in the rear is frequently overflowing dumpsters and piled next to dumpsters.

Shopping carts from Mariano's Fresh Market are frequently abandoned at the apartment complex property.

A bystander, witness and resident at one of the rescue scenes last week reported an infestation of bedbugs in at least one of the apartments. No confirmation of the infestation was available from the property manager or from the Village of Arlington Heights Health Services Department at the time of this report.

South of Kensington Road, a wrecked vehicle with rear-end damage and an open trunk door with a trunk loaded with plastic garbage bags is parked in a rear alley. The alley runs parallel to Dryden Place, and is directly east of Mariano's Fresh Market.

Landscapers on the property south of Kensington Road have also been observed blowing large sticks and landscaping debris directly into the northbound lanes of Dryden Place. The landscapers did not appear to be outside contractors, and replaced their landscaping equipment in a garage on the property.

We recommend residents call the Village of Arlington Heights Building Services Department (847-368-5560) or the Health Services Department (847-368-5760) to report safety or health hazards on the properties, and to report sightings of any improper use of properties, especially regarding storage or maintenance.

In Arlington Heights the Building Services department regulates buildings and building control systems including electrical, plumbing, mechanical, heating/ventilation and energy control systems; fire protection systems and fire safety provisions; and provisions for property/premise maintenance and upkeep. The Building Service department uses its administration, reviews and enforcement of regulations on permits, inspections and licensing for regulating construction, safe occupancy and use of all buildings/structures and premises. The department interfaces with the Building Code Review Board and the Electrical Commission on modifications to technical provisions of codes.

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