Masked Robber Was Armed with A BB Gun at Kwick Shop Convenience, Liquor Store, Wauconda

The armed and masked man that was shot and killed Sunday night about 9:00 p.m. during an attempted robbery at the Kwick Shop convenience and liquor store in Wauconda was armed with a BB gun.

He was shot four times -- once in the upper chest, once in each hip and once in his left thigh, according to Lake County Coroner Thomas Rudd.

The identity of the dead suspect is Justin Greenenwald, 30, of Ingleside.

A preliminary toxicology screening was positive, but ongoing lab work is necessary to determine what substance or substances were in Greenenwald's system.

Greenenwald was wearing a mask, and was not carrying any identification when he pointed a gun at a customer and a store clerk and entered the Kwick Shop convenience/liquor store on Liberty Street near Route 176.

The clerk is reported to have retrieved a gun in self-defense and shot the suspect. The gun was in a hidden space under the store counter. Early in the investigation, police have said that the shooting appears to be justified self-defense.

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