Naperville Police Fail: "There Was This White Guy I Didn't Know. Then I Saw Cop Cars Coming Through the Neighborhood"

Three lessons learned or confirmed about public safety in Chicagoland today:

#1 Dangerous criminals aren't afraid of secret police radios that prevent the crooks from listening to police communications on police scanners or smartphone apps. They will commit a brazen violent crime even though they can't determine whether police have been dispatched to their crime. Naperville police use a secret police communications system from Harris Communications that can't be monitored by the criminals, news media, and neighborhood watch groups and concerned citizens.

#2 When citizens don't know there is a criminal at large, they are less likely to report suspicious activity in a neighborhood, and citizens can be exposed to a dangerous criminal who could invade their home or hijack their vehicle, and possibly even kill them to prevent them from reporting their latest crime.

#3 Naperville police and the City of Naperville, knowing that their police communications are obstructed from the general public, failed to inform their community in real time about a potentially dangerous criminal at large running through their community. In real time, there was no mention on their official Twitter account, official Facebook page, or their official website. The City of Naperville did not release information about an armed robbery that occurred at 8:00 a.m. until 6:16 p.m. on their official Facebook pages -- more than 10 hours after the crime. Naperville Police did not mention in their official notice to the public that the crime involved a Crash-and-Rob scheme. In the official report, Naperville police did not mention that during the robbery that took place at the intersection of Bailey and Shepherd that the offenders rear-ended the victim and then beat up the victim. The police DID mention that previous media reports incorrectly stated that suspects escaped police custody.

Now for the incident ...

Two offenders in a stolen car rear-ended another vehicle to rob a driver around 8:00 a.m. Monday near the intersection of Bailey Road and Shepherd Drive -- a quiet intersection in a nice neighborhood with nice two-story homes just southeast of Plainfield-Naperville Road and 75th Street.

The offenders then jumped the male motorist involved in their intentional fender bender, beat him up, and stole his money. The offenders were fled the accident scene in the car. A police officer spotted the offenders in their vehicle, but the offenders stopped and bailed out of their vehicle near Aurora Avenue and Thornapple Road.

A perimeter and search area was established and police blocked off the area near the crash. Police also received assistance from an Illinois State Police helicopter and DuPage County Sheriff's police in the search. One of the suspects was located and arrested. The other suspect remained at large the rest of the day Monday.

One resident told ABC 7 News, "There was this white guy I didn't know. Then I saw cop cars coming through the neighborhood."

Police say no weapon was shown during the initial robbery, so they "do not believe the suspect is armed." Police advised residents to be cautious and report any suspicious subjects.

The suspect at large was described as a male white, tall and thin, wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and dark pants.

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