Two Parachutists Collide Mid-Air and Crash Land in Gold Coast Near Lake Shore Drive and Schiller St, Chicago

Chicago police, firefighters, and paramedics responded about 10:29 AM Saturday Lake Shore Drive and Schiller Street Chicago, IL. Firefighter/paramedics first learned that a parachutist missed his mark about 10:28 a.m.

At about 10:29 a.m. first responders received a report that a parachutist was down on the top of the roof of a building at Lake Shore Drive and Schiller Street, which is just north of Oak Street Beach. This initial report was incorrect, and the skydiver was found on the ground on Schiller Street about 50 feet west of Lake Shore Drive.

Paramedics on a Chicago Fire Department Bike Team assigned to the Chicago Air & Water Show reached the skydiver first near the 1400 North Lake Shore Drive Condos.

Paramedics from Chicago Fire Department Ambulance 11 responded the building at Lake Shore Drive and Schiller Street. Ambulance specifically 152, assigned to the Air Show, responded to an injured parachutist with a Bike Team and a MedCart unit on the beach near North Avenue.

The parachutist that crash-landed near Schiller Street and Lake Shore Drive is a member of the U.S. Army Golden Knights. He was able to deploy a reserve parachute.

The other parachutist is a member of the U.S. Navy Leap Frog team. He is reported to have crash-landed in front of the boat house at North Avenue Beach

Both transported to Level I Trauma Center Northwestern Memorial Hospital where they are described in serious-to-critical condition.

Both parachutists were transported to Northwestern Memorial Hospital by 11:00 a.m.

Parachutes that were involved in the incident were turned over as evidence to Chicago Police Department.

Friday afternoon during practice, a parachutist cut loose the main parachute and landed safely using reserved parachute. The main parachute landed separately initially at an unknown location.

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