Driver on Pine Ave Crashes into Vehicle on Miner St in Recreation Park Neighborhood Where New Stop Signs Were Installed Nearby Recently

Arlington Heights police responded about 8:05 AM Tuesday to a property damage crash at Miner Street and Pine Avenue Arlington Heights, IL. The driver of a Jeep Cherokee admitted that she failed to stop at a stop sign and failed to yield to cross traffic from the right traveling with the right of way.

The Jeep Cherokee hit the left rear wheel of a yellow Ford Fusion that was westbound on Miner Street

The Ford Fusion spun 180 degrees after it was hit and received damage that extended up the driver's side rear roof post. The 2003 Jeep Cherokee had very little damage.

The Ford Fusion was a ServiceMaster fleet car, that was possibly going to be totaled because of the crash.

The driver of the Jeep Cherokee was ticketed by Arlington Heights police for failure to obey the stop sign.

For years two stop signs have controlled Pine Avenue at the intersection in the Recreation Park neighborhood. In early August, the Village Board of Arlington Heights approved the installation of 10 entirely new stop signs at five previously uncontrolled intersections nearby in the Recreation Park neighborhood.

The neighborhood now includes a new zone of stop sign configuration that is bordered by Arlington Heights Road, Haddow Avenue, Euclid Avenue and Miner Street. All twenty intersections are regulated to help prevent crashes and to control any single street from being traveled at higher speeds without any stops. Monday, the driver of the Jeep Cherokee that was ticketed claimed she had stopped, but then moved into the intersection without seeing the other vehicle. The driver of the Ford Fusion, which was hit in the rear, claimed the driver of the Cherokee never stopped.

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