Stagnant Air Overnight and Natural Gas Odor Calls at Miner St and Belmont Ave, Arlington Heights Rd and Maude Ave

Arlington Heights firefighters were called to two locations early this morning for reports of natural gas odor in the area.

Firefighters were called to a location near Arlington Heights Road and Maude Avenue and to the area of the Recreation Park tennis courts near Belmont Avenue.

Firefighters did not detect a gas leak at either location.

Winds have been less than 5 MPH or calm since 1:00 a.m., which may have allowed air to stagnate at ground level. The humidity overnight has also been 78% to 90% since 1:00 a.m. High humidity enhances the sense of smell.

Minor gas leaks may be easier to detect.

Also crack sealing work is ongoing in Arlington Heights this month. The material emits an odor that could possibly be mistaken for a natural gas odor -- especially at a distance.

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