Multiple Hair Salon Burglaries Reported in Gurnee

Gurnee police department has responded to three recent burglaries to hair salons. The burglaries occurred during the overnight hours. Other communities have also experienced similar break-ins over the past 30 days.

In Gurnee, the burglaries occurred at salons near ...

Route 41 and Delany Road.,

Route 21 and Washington, and

Route 21 and Route 120.

Gurnee recommends the following preventive tips ...

- Keep little to zero cash in your building overnight.

- Ensure exterior lighting works, especially during the overnight.

- Consider leaving interior lights on, especially near cash registers and office areas.

- Excessive curtains and advertisement posters on exterior windows provides concealment for burglars. Consider opening them overnight.

- If your space has an alarm ensure it's in working order and use it.

- Report any suspicious activity near your business by calling 911.

Gurnee Police Department is investigating the burglaries. Citizens are urged to contact the Gurnee Police Department at 847-599-7000.

Anonymous reports may be submitted by calling Lake County Crime Stoppers at 847-662-2222. Callers may be eligible for a cash reward.

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