TBS Mets Fan and Sport Commentator Casey Stern Drops Mother F Bomb on Open Mic After NLCS Game 1 Cubs @ Mets Game

As TBS was cutting to a commercial Saturday night after NLCS Game 1, an unknown announcer from the post game show could be heard on an open mic saying "Boom Mother F**king.

Twitter lit up with reaction and comments on the offensive statement on a prime time sports show for America's favorite past time.

One tweet said, "Anyone watching TBS just heard a mic slip. Either that or we're allowed to say "Mother F**king" on tv now."

Stern is a former executive recruiter turned sports commentator, and is also an avid New York Mets fan and hosts "Next Stop Shea" on Mets.com.

TBS has a history of bad sports announcing and bad coverage, including sports critics claims that TBS announcers are biased in favor of the National League over the American League, have a record of misidentifying players, technical difficulties causing missed game coverage, controllers missing key plays, bad camera placement, not having enough camera angles, and incorrect graphics. Cal Ripken, Jr. was once titled as "Carl Ripken, Jr, and Willie Mays name was once misspelled as Willie Mayes.

Currently the TBS network is not using the latest state of the art graphics from Statcast, which uses Trackman for Doppler radar and ChyronHego for high quality on screen 3D graphics.

The New York Mets beat the Chicago Cubs 4 -2 with excellent pitching by Matt Harvey.

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