Video Serious Damage: Car Crash into Home on Hintz Road Near Highland Avenue Arlington Heights

Arlington Heights police and firefighter/paramedics responded about 3:39 AM Saturday to a report of a car crash into a house on eastbound Hintz Road near Hintz Road and Highland Avenue Arlington Heights, IL. Police on arrival requested firefighters respond to the scene to check on structural damage.

The female driver was initially reported as not injured. She may have developed pain later, and was also investigated for possible impaired driving by drugs or alcohol. The female driver was transported to Northwest Community Hospital.

There was no word at the time of this report whether she was arrested as a DUI suspect.

Her vehicle was driven across the neighbor's house to the west of the house that was hit. The diagonal path was slowed by bushes at the neighbors house, but the car crashed into the west exterior wall of the house. The car was wedged between the floor joists above at the second floor and the foundation below.

The house was checked for structural damage. The removal of the car would be a difficult tow recovery operation because there was not much room between the homes to back out the car before turning it, lifting it, or dragging it toward the curb and street. The tow was planned for later today, after any necessary shoring of the structure was constructed.

Neighbors reported several crashes in the area where cars have left the road and hit trees or homes. The parkway tree at the home to the west of the crash scene was hit in a very serious pin-in crash when a young male adult slide sideways into the tree at high speed. The was wrapped around the tree after a T-bone style impact. The driver survived, and the crash was featured in a Village of Arlington Heights video.

Neighbors report that motorists frequently speed northbound on Highland Avenue when they realize the intersection of Hintz Road and Highland Avenue is not a full intersection. The motorists brake and try to turn to avoid hitting the homes that are straight ahead, but end up leaving the roadway on either side of the intersection.

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