Fox Lake Police Officer Lt. Joe Gliniewicz Embezzled Funds from Police Explorer Post and Committed Suicide

The death of Lt Joe Gliniewicz was ruled a suicide. Lake County Major Crime Task Force Commander George Filenko explained that the investigation discovered that Lt. Joe Gliniewicz had embezzled funds, and was
stealing and laundering money from the Fox Lake Police Explorer Post for 7 years.

Thousands of dollars were used for mortgage payments, adult websites, and unnaccounted cash withdrawals, and other payments.

Deleted text messages were retrieved and contained incriminating evidence.

Lt. Joe Gliniewicz left a trail of his personal equipment to stage a mock crime scene to stage his death. Items were laid out to stage signs that there was a struggle at the scene.

There were no physical signs that he fought for his life, or that his body was dragged.

The first shot hit his bullet proof vest and his cell phone. The second shot was the fatal shot.

Gunshot residue was found underneath his bulletproof vest carrier.

The first shot penetrated his bulletproof vest and cellphone, but did not penetrate his skin. The first shot did cause a bruise.

The second shot went under the vest and under his collar bone. The bullet hit a pulmonary artery, went through his lung and lodged in his 10th rib.

He was also discovered with a shored exit wound -- the bullet did not exit his body because of the bulletproof vest, but there was a jagged wound on his back side.

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