Wednesday, December 30, 2015

United Airlines Flight from Seattle Partially Skids Off Runway 27R/9L at O'Hare International Airport

Chicago firefighters responded about 9:28 AM Wednesday to a report of a passenger aircraft that skidded partially off of a runway at O'Hare International Airport, 42.002821,-87.926289 (O'hare Runway 27R/9L). A United Airlines Boeing 737 (Flight 1977) landed into the wind on Runway 27R and skidded off the end of the runway on the 9L side of the runway on the northwest side of the airport. Runway 27R/9L is O'Hare's northernmost runway and is positioned for east and west takeoffs and landings. The runway is located just south of Touhy Avenue.

The aircraft approached O'Hare's Runway 27R westbound from the east side of the airport after passing eastbound to the north of the airport and making a 180-degree over Lake Michigan. Wind at the time was from the west at 6 MPH. About 0.5 inch of snow had fallen at the time of the incident.

United Airlines Flight 1977 departed from Seattle.

All inbound flights were held at their origin until Wednesday at 09:30AM CST due to snow and ice.

Departure delays an average of 35 minutes at 9:30 am

42.002821,-87.926289 (O'HARE RUNWAY 9L)

41.983923, -87.890573 (O'HARE RUNWAY 27L)


ENGINE(S): E9 E10? E12?


SQD7 CV278?

CRASH RESCUE: 6-5-3, 6-5-4, 6-5-5, 6-5-7, 6-5-8, 6-5-10

CHIEF(S): BC13 2-2-3?

EMS: A16, A26, A59?


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