News Helicopters Over Mount Prospect and Prospect Area -- Just North of Rand Rd and Kensington Rd

Several requests about the reason for news helicopters over the Mount Prospect and Prospect Heights area near Randhurst Village and Rand Road and Kensington Road were not confirmed Friday afternoon.

However, it is possible that the news helicopters were holding position to get a long range camera shot of an aircraft that was stuck in corner of Runway 9L/27R and a taxiway early this afternoon on the northeast corner of the airfield.

The news helicopters might not have had permission to get closer to the airspace at O'Hare International Airport.

Runway 9L/27R is the northernmost runway that runs east-west at the airport, just south of Touhy Avenue (Route 72).

No passengers or crew members were injured when the nose gear got stuck in the snowy grass after landing on Runway 9L, and after an approach from the west side of the airport.

Passengers deplaned on portable stairs at the incident site and were transferred by bus to the terminal.

Two aerial shots were provided by news agencies that appeared to be shot from long range north of the airport. The intersection of Rand Road and Kensington Road is about 5 miles from the point where the aircraft was stuck in the grass.

Another United Airlines passenger jet slid off the end of the runway on December 30, 2015. That aircraft slid into the overrun area of the runway at the other end of the runway -- on the west side of the airport.

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