Truck Driver Shot in the Face on Inbound Dan Ryan Expressway (I-94) Near 95th St, Chicago

Illinois State Police, Chicago police and firefighter/paramedics responded about 11:50 PM Thursday to a report of a shooting on the Dan Ryan Expressway and 95th Street Chicago, IL. Illinois State Police, Chicago Police and Chicago firefighers and paramedics responded to the Dan Ryan Expressway (I-94) about 11:50 pm Thursday to a report of a truck driver shot. Initially there were report of a semi-trailer truck driver that was shot in the face -- one caller reported the incident in the outbound lanes and one caller reported the incident in the inbound lanes.

Chicago Fire Department Ambulance 24's crew reported seeing nothing on the outbound lanes.

A truck driver -- a male victim, age 68 -- was found shot in the face in the inbound lanes. His driver side window was shot in. The semi-trailer truck driver was shot on the inbound lanes of I-94 near 95th St.

He was transported Code Red to Level I Trauma Center Advocate Christ Medical Center.

The offending vehicle was possibly a blue car.

Northbound I-94 was shutdown between 87th Street and 95th Street for an extended time after midnight.

The shooting was also reported on Waze (as a crash) and News Radio 780.

No official alert from Illinois State Police on Twitter or Facebook.

The shooting on the Dan Ryan Expressway Thursday night was the third shooting since Sunday this week and the 20th shooting of the year 2016 to date. The Dan Ryan Expressway is the location of even a greater number or reports of unlawful use of weapon cases involving weapons displayed by motorists or passengers.


ENGINE(S): E122 E93

TRUCK(S): T20? T42 (returned)

EMS: A24

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