Police Searching Possible Explosives in Home Near Lake Shore Blvd and Highland Ave, Wauconda -- Large Perimeter Evacuated

Wauconda police and firefighter/paramedics responded before 8:45 PM Thursday to a report that a resident may have explosives in his home Lake Shore Boulevard and Highland Avenue Wauconda, IL. Wauconda police are being assisted by the Waukegan Bomb Squad and the Illinois State Police Swat Team.

Law enforcement is working to search and secure the home if necessary.

Firefighter/paramedics are staging in the area.

Some roads are closed in the area.

The following intersections are blocked ...
Mill Street and Route 176
Lakeshore Blvd and Route 176
Highland Ave and Clearview Ave
Hill St and Lakeshore Blvd
Route 176 was closed between Main St and Fairfield Rd.

A requested evacuation perimeter was established with a radius of about 1800 feet from the center of a circle near Highland Avenue and Lake Shore Boulevard.

Wauconda police requested citizens evacuate your home or business immediately. Wauconda police recommended that if citizens need a place to shelter during this incident, the Federated Church is available and is located directly across from Wauconda Fire Department Station #1. Wauconda police was providing transportation for citizens that need transportation. Citizens can call 847-487-1372. Police request limiting any other calls to emergencies only.

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