Range Rovers Damaged or Destroyed by Fire Near Howard Orloff Dealership lot Near Metra Clybourn Station, Chicago

Chicago police and firefighters responded about 4:32 AM Tuesday to a report of multiple vehicle fires at 1845 N Marshfield Ave Chicago, Il. Firefighters arrived on the scene first to a report of multiple SUVs burning. Six Range Rovers were found burning. Six of the vehicles were damaged or destroyed in the Howard Orloff Volvo Range Rover overflow lot located about one block of the actual dealership at 1924 North Paulina Street.

Chicago Fire Department's Engine 35 crew on arrival reported a couple of autos going at an automobile dealer shop lot.

The engine crew requested police to respond as the fires were brought under control by about 4:45 am.

The parking lot is used for overstock, and located partially under the Kennedy Expressway near the Clybourn Metra train station. The original and flagship Cortland's Garage in Chicago is also situated between the overflow lot and the dealership on Cortland Street

Three autos were burning with heavy fire, and two of the vehicles were reported initially as a complete loss.

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