Semi-Trailer Truck Fire on Southbound Route 53 Near I-90 Just After Midnight, Schaumburg

Illinois State Police and Schaumburg firefighter/paramedics responded about 12:09 AM Wednesday to a report of a vehicle fire southbound Route 53 42.055098, -88.028918 (Sb Route 53 And I-90 Schaumburg, Il). Police and firefighter/paramedics received a report from the driver of a semi-trailer truck that the trailer was smoking.

The semi-trailer truck was smoking while parked on the shoulder. The driver reported the cargo was clean clothes and towels.

Schaumburg Truck 52's crew on arrival reported they have an 18-wheeler semi-trailer truck that is smoking. Engine 52's was off with a pre-connect by 12:16 am.

Engine 54's crew was assigned to position to give Engine 52 water by 12:20 am.

The truck driver was disconnecting the tractor from the trailer by 12:22 am.

Truck 53's crew and a tender from Long Grove were requested to the scene by 12:26 am by Schaumburg's battalion chief.

Battalion Chief 5 reported at 12:27 am that the trailer will likely be fully-involved soon.

Truck 53's crew was assigned to open the top of the trailer with a power saw at 12:33 am.

A third engine (Engine 51) was requested by 12:37 am.

Elk Grove Township tanker was requested to resond by 12:44 am.

IDOT was requested with an arrow truck for the second lane by 12:48 am.

Rolling Meadows Engine 16's crew was assigned to help with overhaul by 12:55 am.

Ambulance 54's crew was assigned to set up a command post by 12:58 am.

Battalion 5 at about 12:59 am requested a change of quarters assignment for an engine and a truck to cover the Village of Schaumburg.

IDOT repolied it will be a couple of hours for an arrow truck about 1:00 a.m.

Ambulance 53's crew was assigned for rehab by 1:00 am.

Hoffman Estates Engine 21's crew was assigned to overhaul with airpacks by 1:21 am.

Command started to release fire companies at about 2:23 am.


ENGINE(S): E52 E54 E51 Rolling Meadows E16 Hoffman Estates E21

TRUCK(S): T52 T53 TL ??


TENDER(S): Long Grove TANKER56, Elk Grove Township Tender11

RIT: BC ?? T ??

CHIEF(S): BC5 502

EMS: A52? A54 A53 (REHAB)


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