Woman Died of Natural Causes Before She Received Animal Bites from One or Both Dogs on Channel Ave, Antioch

An autopsy has shown that dog that was initially reported to have possibly attacked a woman, did not actually attack the woman.

The autopsy results concluded that a 71-year-old grandmother found dead with dog bite marks on her body died from natural causes in her home in Antioch, officials said. The bites occurred after the woman died of natural causes.

The woman's 23-year-old grandson found her with the bite marks when he came home Tuesday evening in the block of 26000 West Channel Avenue, just east of Grass Lake. When he called 911, he reported that a German shepherd and a Labrador-chow mix may have attacked his grandmother.

The woman, identified as Elizabeth Flood, age 71, died of natural causes before she received multiple dog bites, according to an autopsy conducted by the Lake County coroner.

Deputy Coroner Orlando Portillo said following the morning autopsy that Flood "died of a massive stroke. She was dead before the dogs got to her." Portillo said the coroner's office is not releasing the number of bites or nips that were discovered during the autopsy.

One dog was found in the house and another dog was roaming the neighborhood. Both dogs were taken by animal control.

Some media sources reported the dog attacked the woman -- based on the initial 9-1-1 call. There are several known cases of dogs eating or attempting to eat their dead owners. It happened to a man that was working on his stereo at home, when he collapsed and died in the 1980s. He was found by a family member -- partially eaten by his dog. It's not common, but there are reports of dead animal owners eaten by dogs and cats.

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