Vehicle Arson Fire at Apartment Just West of Lattof YMCA on Northwest Highway, Des Plaines

Des Plaines police and firefighter/paramedics responded about 12:16 PM Thursday to a report of a car fire near an apartment building at 160 Northwest Highway Des Plaines, Il. First responders received a report of a car fire about 4 or 5 feet from a building. Firefighters discovered an unknown accelerant used on a Honda Accord parked in the parking lot.

Ambulance 63's crew on arrival reported a large 3-story apartment with a car fire fully-involved in the north parking lot.

Engine 63's crew on arrival reported a fully-involved car fire with two exposures -- one exposure on each side of the car.

A discarded plastic soda bottle was discovered near the scene and appeared to contain some type of accelerant, accordingn to police.

On-call fire investigator called to the scene by 12:35 a.m. -- 6120 assigned.

Tower Ladder 61's crew was assigned to bring their meter up close to the scene.

The vehicle owner was home in her residence when she heard a loud "pop" from the parking lot. She looked out a window, and saw two unknown men walking away from the vehicle. Next she saw a white sedan leave the parking lot.


ENGINE(S): E61 E63 Mount Prospect E14

TRUCK(S): T ?? T ?? TL61



EMS: A61 A63

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