Hit-and-Run Pedestrian After Minor Crash at Park St and Belmont Ave, Arlington Heights

Arlington Heights police responded about 6:11 PM Sunday to a report of a minor crash and hit-and-run pedestrian incident at Park Street and Belmont Avenue Arlington Heights, IL. Police received a report that an offender tapped the rear bumper of the victim's vehicle. The victim got out of his vehicle as the offender backed up, but then the offender began driving forward. As the offender drove forward and left the scene, the victim's foot was run over. The offender is described as a white male, medium build, with brown or black short hair.

No vehicle description was available.

No injuries were reported by police, and apparently firefighter/paramedics were not called to the scene (not confirmed).

The crime is reported to have occurred on Sunday, February 5, 2017 between 06:00 PM and 06:10 PM. The elapsed time range including the time the crime could have occurred is 0:10 (hours: minutes).

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