Kids Set Mulch on Fire Days Before Extra-Alarm Fire Destroyed Spring Street Kindercare at Spring St and McClean Blvd, South Elgin

South Elgin police and firefighter/paramedics responded about 5:37 AM Wednesday to a report of an activated fire alarm and a passer by report of fire and smoke showing from Spring Street KinderCare, 1250 West Spring Street South Elgin, Il. Firefighters and police received a report of an activated alarm, then a restored-to-trouble alarm with a simultaneous report from a passerby of flames and black smoke showing from the back of the building near the playground area.

No employees, parents or children were at the building at the time of the fire. Kane County and/or South Elgin Police were already investigating a case involving youths that allegedly set mulch on fire near the KinderCare building earlier this week.

More than 20 fire investigators were at the fire scene Wednesday afternoon investigating the cause of the fire. The Kane County Fire Investigation Task Force is assisting with the investigation. The task force assets include detection dogs from ATF that can sniff for accelerants

South Elgin police on arrival reported the south side of the building was engulfed in flames.

Engine 21's crew on arrival reported they're at the southwest corner of the building with heavy fire showing, and that they need a second engine (E22) to go to the front to hit the building from the outside.

The fire department response was immediately requested for elevation to box level by 5:42 a.m.

Firefighters reported the fire was getting up into the attic by 5:43 a.m. Command reported another line was needed at the rear of the building.

Engine 21's crew initially battled the back side of the building. Elgin Engine 4's crew lead suppression group in the front.

Engine 22's crew was ready to make entry at the front of the building by 5:47 a.m.

Fox River & Countryside's Engine was assigned RIT (Rapid Intervention Team) at the front of the building by 5:49 a.m.

Utilities (ComEd and Nicor) were requested to respond to the scene by 5:51 a.m.

A 2ND ALARM was requested at 6:03 AM.

The roof collapsed as the fire was being fought defensively from the exterior.

The fire was extinguished and the 2nd Alarm Level Box Alarm was struck out at 7:22 AM.


ENGINE(S): E ?? E ?? Elgin E4 Fox River Engine

TRUCK(S): Bartlett Truck


RIT: BC ?? T ??

CHIEF(S): BC ?? 200 201 202 100 (safety) Bartlett Chief

EMS: A22 A ??


ENGINE(S): Pingree Grove & Countryside FPD

TRUCK(S): ??

SQUAD(S): Pingree Grove & Countryside FPD Elburn SQD301

EMS: St Charles Fire Department

CHIEF(S): Pingree Grove & Countryside FPD, Fox River and Countryside Fire Rescue District


CHANGE OF QUARTERS: Hanover Park Fire Department Engine E16, Geneva Fire Department Engine, Batavia Fire Department Ambulance, Hampshire FPD Ambulance

STAGING: McClean and Spring St at Booker's Bar and Restaurant


ENGINE(S): Streamwood Fire Department
Hanover Park Fire Department (moveup)
Geneva Fire Department (moveup)

TRUCK(S): West Dundee Fire Department



CHIEF(S): St Charles Fire Department
Elburn FPD

SPECIAL: Rutland-Dundee Township FPD "Support Team"

CHANGE OF QUARTERS: East Dundee FPD, Carpentersville & Countryside FPD

STRUCK OUT BOX ALARM 2ND LEVEL at 7:22 AM. - See more at:

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