Fire at Grove Country Club on Route 53, Long Grove

Long Grove police and firefighter/paramedics responded about 6:17 PM Tuesday to a report of a fire in the basement at Grove Country Club, 3217 Route 53 Long Grove, Il. Police and firefighter/paramedics received a report of an activated fire alarm, followed by a report of a fire in the basement.

Crew on arrival reports nothing showing front of the building or each side of the building.

An interior crew reported a small dryer fire with the fire out by 6:25 p.m.


ENGINE(S): Palatine E82 Lincolnshire Riverwoods E53 Lake Zurich E324

TRUCK(S): T ?? T ?? TL25


TENDER(S): TANKER55 Palatine Rural Tanker 36 Tender 38

RIT: BC ?? T ??

CHIEF(S): BC55 5500 Arlington Heights 5501 Buffalo Grove BC4

EMS: A55 A2 Barrington Ambulance

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